Unfinished Business

by Kotton Krown

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Feathers 04:03
You love her, you love her well. You want her, under your spell. And you touch her face in the shadows of your dream. You would like to throw flowers all around her hair. And you would like to stroke her all night,if that would make her care. She, she is holding the key. She is holding your life, whispering in your head. Whirling aroundin your head. Will she come, will she come at all, heed yourcall. And you touch her face in the shadows of your dream.When you wake in the morning she is lying there, but if you stretch out to touch her the sheets are bare(Annelies/Annelies).
My Room 02:44
I am living in this room. It's okay I amhere. Try to make my winnings out of what I lose. I can bejust perfect but no one tells me to. Nothing in this world isimportant to me, 'cause here I can exist on my own in here.Build myself up right from the ground. Learn to make mistakesto chase the hollow sound. Words are words, nothing isimportant, 'cause I can exist on my own in here. I am livingin this room. It's okay I am here. I do what I want and I makemy day. I live for myself choose my own way. No one in theworld gets me out of my place, 'cause I can exist on my own inhere (Annelies/Annelies).
Let It Come 02:48
I have tried to lighten my life. I amheavy like the ground. I have lied time out of my mind. I amready to be found. Let me drag and reap my land in a pacethat's right for me. How can I go on, just let it come. I havetried myself so down. It's so hard just to live. I have been along way round. It's easy just to live (Annelies/JanDandruff).
You should know by now that Iwon't return to your love. And you should know by now yourjust some kind of person that I can trust. You are someone Ican match, without fear of losing myself, without fear oflosing myself, every once in my life. 'Cause I knew itwouldn't last long, and my love for you was not so strong. Itwas based on an illusion, it was based on a dream. Coming andgoing like the sun. LIving in hope of finding happiness, wherethere was only pain. I was living in hope you'd change intosomeone who could make a stand (Annelies/Annelies).
J.F.K. 03:46
Vera 04:19
I have been far away, did you follow me? Ihave been looking for you, did you see me there? Shall I comewith you, shall I stay with you? I was afraid you wouldn'tfind me there. Will you come with me, will you stay with me?Take my hand so I won't have to hide. Shall I come with you,shall I stay with you? (Annelies/Annelies).
Jane 04:19
A few hours past sunset, Jane checks thedoorlocks again. Every night she goes to bed, she still feelsthis itching pain. It'll be two years soon that she got hernew home here. She was unsuspicious then, and open windowsgive fresh air. Now she locks herself in at night, and at dayshe's locked in fright. She stays behind the closed door, andshe never dances no more. When she lies in her drapes, shedreams away (oh sweat dreams).. It's her only escape, and Janeis young again. Sge dances and whirles around, with sparklingeyes and very proud. She is going for gold and Bob is hers tohave and to hold. But now she's locked in at night, and at dayshe's locked in fright. She stays behind a closed door, shenever dances no more. At day as she walks the streets, shethinks of the future when she will be old and grey, and evenmore helpless. She reads the papers you know, and watches tv,a lot of tv. 'Cause you can do that at home, and she knows, ohshe knows... Boyfriend Bob went away, said she'd turned crazy.Even schoolmate Sue didn't stay, said Jane was overreacting.Jane wakes up and starts to cry, this is her life right now.She would love to dance again, leave behind this awful pain. (Henk/Annelies).
One dream stays with me, allthrough the day. It makes reality fade away. One dream stayswith me, all through the night. It makes reality such a fight.It makes me want to scream, he's staying in my dream. I wantthis dream to come true; if only he'd want it to. Have youheard the news, I'm thinking of you. I want this dream to cometrue, I'm thinking of you. I want you. Tell me baby where torun to. Will you let me stay the night? Will you let me touchyou where I want you, will you let me stay the night? On edream stays with me all through the day. It makes reality fadeaway. On e face stays with me all through the night. It makesreality such a fight. I want you (Annelies+Helen/Annelies+Didier).
Smile 00:28
When they start to sign that I should givemore smiles, I get mad inside, smash their heads outside. Howare they supposed to know how I am or how I show. It's my ownworl;d and I intend to have fun. Mind your own world 'cause Iwill please myself alone. Got to start somewhere, for myselfI'll care. That's just what they do, so FUCK YOU!(Annelies/Annelies).
I'm not afraid of your feelings,I'm not afraid anymore. Gonna let you in, don't get afraidnow. It's the only way to make me care. Show me your innerworld. The poem that is you yourself. I want to understand youwell, and sing you my song. Your acceptance gives me thecourage to let my feelings tell me who I am. Now right andwrong are dissappearing, and my experiencing tells me this isgood. And what will come and what will be, there is nothingthat can touch me. No one can come inbetween me, no onebetween us. As long as I know that you care for me, as long asyou know that I trust you, I will feel so strong and it's myright. To come to life. To come to life (Annelies/Ruut; arr.Kotton Krown).
Contact 03:31
I feel wild inside, there's no one togive me shelter. I'm spinning inside, there's no one to keepme from faling. Can't get contact, can't get contact with you.Tell me you love me. Make me love you. Make me fall in lovewith you. I want my freedom. I'm scared to live my life on myown, I need someone to give me the safety of a home(Annelies/Annelies).
One Love 02:19
One love I resign from, one love. Onelove, nothing happens, one love. But inside me... You must askyourself what happened. Nothing has changed. But inside me...Sometimes you find someone you can trust. I avoid your eyes,by closing mine. And everything in this world stays the same,nothing ver changes. Everybody goes his way, and nothingremains. One love I leave you behind. One love I leave youhere. But inside me... pain (Annelies/Annelies).
My Friend 05:03
Once upon a time, I had a friend. Weshared all of our secrets, we shared all our pain. When I waswith my friend I'd show my real inside. When I was with myfriend, there was nothing for me to hide. If somebody hurt me,my friend would hurt too. I would feel it inside, if my friendwas blue. But on that day, the one that hurted me most, theone that hurted me most, was my friend. Letting me down, sodown. No one could pick me up again. While I was falling, Ithought to myself, I thought to myself, why, oh why. No onewill get this close again. I refuse to feel this pain again.People are all the same, only in it for their own gain. Iwon't feel this pain again, no more pain (Helen/Jan Dandruff).
Sweet Baby 03:03
Let me take you by the hand, let mebring you into the room where you have been before, but notwith me. Let me be your misstress, dissapearing when it'sdark. Leaving you in the room, where you wanted to be, leavingyou in the room, where we wanted to be. Baby, baby, I knowthis is love, I know you well enough. You don't know it, and Iwon't show it. And you won't know it, as long as I won't showit. Let me take you into that room, again again again andagain, where you have been before, but not with me. Let me beyour lover, dissapearing when it's dark. Leaving you in theroom, where you wanted to be, leaving you in the room, wherewe wanted to be. Baby, baby, I know this is love, I know youwell enough. I'll be ther if you want me to. I'll leave you ifyou want me to. You're outside of me, so I can do whatever youwant me to. Sweet baby (Annelies/Annelies).
The Bottom 03:14
I have left my past, but I don't see afuture. I still got my strength, but no one wants it. I'mdissapointed, but nobody cares. And nothing has changed. Idon't have money to buy me what I want. I do have a voice, butno one listens (Annelies/Annelies).
Russia 02:29


Recorded at the Viadukt stage directly onto a 4-track by Ruut; mixing in a Lewenborg Attic by Ruut. Thanks to Didier and Jan Dandruff. April 1992.


released January 1, 1993

Helen - Vocals; Annelies - Guitar, Vocals; Henk - Drums, Vocals; Matthijs - Guitar; Edwin - Bass


all rights reserved



Kotton Krown Groningen, The Netherlands

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